Do you want to make your life happy and worthy ? Do you want to know your life predictions ? - Join SATSANG with Guru Ramanand Ji




If you want to improve your spiritual knowledge and you want to be happy every time in the life -  Join with Swami Guru Ramanand ji and improve your spiritual knowledge. Also learn meditaion and Yoga classes by well known Spiritual Guru Ramanand Ji. Swamiji has inspired many lives and motivated to practise spirituality into daily life. If you want to live peacefully happily with bliss then this is the right way to meet Swamiji.  If you want to get rid of all kind of aliments and diseases then this is the best way to approach swamiji. So don't loose this golden oppurtunity.


All the diseases can be cured by meditation and Yoga.


Satsang and spiritual knowledge is completely free for everybody.


For yoga and meditation classes the fee is very nominal.


Fee          :  500/- only 

Duration   :  Three months   


In duration of three months you will get


- Meditation 

- Yoga 

- Personality development 

- Communication skills 

- Spiritual awareness 

- The way of living 

- Shambhavi Mudra 

- Om Mantra ....... and many more which are useful for personality enhancement. 



  Name : Guru Ramanand Ji

  Phone : 9000992685





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